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Management Team

Michael Markette – President & Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Markette joined Callbutton as the company's president in 2001. Prior to Callbutton, Markette headed a software spin-off for a publicly traded software company with innovative tools for independent sales representatives, sales teams and partners acquire and distribute sales leads. He brought more than a decade of experience in raising capital and growing CRM-based businesses serving industry giants such as MCI WorldCom and Toshiba America.

Since 2000, Markette has grown Callbutton into a mature growing business and spread his business initiatives throughout the call tracking landscape, growing and selling separate related businesses. Mr. Markette graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Finance.

Personal note: When Mike—always connected—is not serving Callbutton’s clients and raising his three active girls, he can be found summiting Mount Rainier, going to crevasse rescue training, becoming a knot expert, or going on ridiculously long hikes with absurdly heavy packs. Mike has been known to take customer calls on a Sunday afternoon atop a peak in places like the Issaquah Alps.

Nicholas Markette – Vice President & Chief Finance Officer

Dr. Markette has over 25 years experience in finance and management. Beginning in 1985, he began working in banking and finance. Dr. Markette served as the Executive Vice President of a financial services firm; as Chairman, Director, and Chairman of the Compensation Committee for a public company; and currently serves as a Director on the board of Intelemedia Communications. He graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Finance. Dr. Markette earned his master’s and doctorate from Grand Canyon University. His award winning research explores the structures and conditions of high performance administrative teams; he is a frequent speaker at colleges, colloquia, and symposiums. Dr. Markette is also the creator and host of Gavriel’s Horn (, a cross-disciplinary academic portal.

Personal note: When Nick is not helping clients at Callbutton, he may be hitting one of his favorite gyms in Tempe CrossfitSouthwest, FreeRangeCrossfit, coaching soccer, teaching a business class at the university, cooking Italian, or posting on the blog Gavriel's Horn, or just being “Papi” to his granddaughter.

C. William Mulligan, III – Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Mulligan has been practicing law for over 25 years. For the past 15 years he has focused on business related transactions. He has served as outside legal counsel for many mid-size businesses including several publicly traded companies. Mr. Mulligan is an alumnus of the University of Dayton, and earned his Juris Doctor from The Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Personal note: When Bill—a fan of all things sports--is not keeping the team in line at Callbutton, you will find him as the consummate dad of his family of six, golfing, doing muy thai, or trying to keep up with Nick at Crossfit.