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Marketing that makes Finance Happy


Marketing that Makes Finance Happy: Ready-Fire-Aim

Ready-fire-aim is a phrase and paradigm introduced by Peters and Waterman in the early 80s to describe top companies proclivity toward action. The research demonstrated that companies that avoided paralysis by analysis and acted, outperformed the competition. Marketers have long been comfortable with the idea of ready-fire-aim to the dismay of their finance counterparts. Yes, action is good, but management demands information.

The process is similar to artillery routines where shells are sent down range. But, aim is an important part of the equation too. After the first round of shells land, fire teams record where they land and make adjustments after each round to hone their precision. This is how call-tracking works. With smart, trackable toll free numbers embedded, Advertisers launch campaigns through different mediums, record how they are received, and make adjustments to hone their precision.

As with precision artillery, call tracking has made precision advancements too. Smart trackable numbers make pay-per-call campaigns, geo-routing, call recording, and real-time reporting possible—think ideal aim. Advertisers can now hire pay-per-call advertising firms, and route calls to exact geographic locations because of the technology behind smart, trackable numbers. Smart trackable numbers come with real-time call recording and reporting which makes it possible to manage campaigns, support CRM programs, and improve training.

Marketers, ready-fire-aim is fine, but have the aim—information—necessary to keep management happy with smart call tracking.

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