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Per Inquiry / Pay per Call

You are the expert in direct response marketing and per inquiry advertising. You know direct response radio, television and remnant advertising. We are the connectivity and intelligence experts. We help you automate call routing, maximize per call revenue, and stream line reporting. Stop preparing Excel reports by hand! Let us do the work for you—it’s what we do!

We provide custom professional service at affordable prices.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4! (We don’t stop at 3—we go a little further). (1.) Callbutton Call Routing, (2.) Automated Custom Reporting, (3.) Takeback & Transfer, and (4.) Call Recording.

#1 Callbutton Call Routing Strategies puts the power of our technology at your fingertips. With our customized Web console, you log into your number manager online and enter your buying source and their business rules and let our call routing strategies distribute the phone leads to ensure maximum revenue on every call.

#2 Automated Custom Reporting is the work we do for you. We give you the reports you need where you need them, and how you need them. Our reports including “minimum call duration” and “connected time” tracking reduces the need for audits. We provide reports where you need them—online, email, text. We give them to you how you need them—custom MS Excel format—so you can stop preparing reports by hand and focus on your business. We will even deliver the exact custom reports to the inboxes of your lead buyers.

We will build any report that you are doing by hand and send it anywhere you want. It’s what we do! Want to see? Click here to see a sample Callbutton PUSH Report.

#3 Takeback & Transfer or third party transfer empowers direct response firms to make more money per call or double-monetize calls. With Callbutton Takeback & Transfer this is done off the call center trunks precisely according to your business rules and controlled by you on your PC, tablet or smart phone.

#4 Call Recording at Callbutton is tiered allowing you to decide who can and cannot listen to calls. If information is power, Callbutton Call Recording puts the power at your finger-tips.


You work hard and you are the expert in your space. We work hard for you and we are the experts in per inquiry/pay-per-call infrastructure and reporting. Our expertise goes to work for you to saving you time and resources all while optimizing your profit per call. Your clients won’t even know we are here. Every time we PUSH a customized report for you, you will appreciate the savings that comes with the precision of letting us do the work.

Business moves fast! With Callbutton you can move faster. Callbutton provides you the flexibility to make changes when and how you need. Callbutton enables you to interpret and respond to data fast. How fast? As quick as you need to compete and succeed from virtually any platform—PC, tablet or smart phone.


Call us or email us—we would love to hear about your business and explain how we can create custom solutions for you. We are not order-takers; we are professionals with decades of experience in the industry. We are the specialists that will help you optimize your Callbutton service based on your needs.