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The Evolution of Click-to-Call


If you ask 5 people to define click-to-call, you might get 5 different answers as the function of click-to-call continues to change. The evolution of smartphones and the ever-changing consumer habits in recent years have helped shape the definition and functionality of click-to-call.

When click-to-call first became relevant it was simply a request for customer service or the sales to contact them. It worked this way – a web consumer who wanted to talk to customer service or sales would click on a button/link to enter their phone number on the website, and wait for a phone call. This required downloading a software application, a deterrent for many. However, the next generation of click-to-call technology (click-to-call 2.0) eliminated this marketing constraint.

Smartphones Redefining Click-to-CallThe Evolution of Click-to-Call

Click-to-call 2.0 dials the number without any downloads directly connecting the customer to the business. The advent of smartphones has further redefining click-to-call. It is evolving the way people shop. Product and merchant research is moving toward the smartphone while the consumer is in transit.

Now days’ click-to-call is a phone number hyperlink on the website. It is a convenient way for people to do their introductory product research. Consumers not only have short attention span, but are increasingly becoming more impatient when shopping. Why visit multiple website pages to see how late the store is open or when the sale is ending? It’s easier to simply click the hyperlink to call the business and get your questions answered.

Key Benefits of Click-to-Call

  • Reduces Abandonment

Websites have a 22%-25% abandonment rate if they don’t have the click-to-call feature. Click-to-call has proven itself as a need-to-have and not a nice-to-have! Having a phone number on your website legitimizes your business, especially when someone is thinking about using a credit card and disclosing their personal information.

  • Captures Customer Information

Another advantage of click-to-call is it helps capture customer information using call tracking technology. Each call can be recorded and transcribed as well as the analytics behind the call such as caller number, date, time, origins, and zip codes can be captured. It is also a great way to measure which marketing campaign is successful and which is not.

  • Video Chat

Another advanced feature of click-to-call 2.0 is video chat wherein the customer can click on a button to video chat directly with an agent. The biggest benefit of this feature is it helps companies build personal rapport with customers and answer their questions real time. This greatly improves the chances of closing and long term association.

  • Great Customer Experience

The click-to-call button can directly connect the customer to the right people in the right department. Websites can have different click-to-call buttons connected to different phone numbers, answered by experts in that particular products or services marketed on the pages containing that button. This can save consumers lengthy hold time, voicemail, and multiple transfers, offering great customer experience.

Click-to-call helps businesses track their marketing dollars through the unique numbers assigned to each click-to-call button. It also helps determine which marketing campaigns or keywords are generating calls and which are not. It takes the guessing out of advertising and helps increase your ROI. 


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