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The Evolution of Click-to-Call

The Evolution of Click-to-Call

If you ask 5 people to define click-to-call, you might get 5 different answers as the function of click-to-call continues to change. The evolution of smartphones and the ever-changing consumer habits in recent years have helped shape the definition and functionality of click-to-call.

Enhance Customer Experience with Call Recording

The importance of call recording

Communication is the key to all customer experience; but how do you evaluate and monitor communications? Call recording makes this possible, empowering your business with the most powerful tool to enhance customer experience. 

Call Tracking Critical for Lead Generation Companies

Call Tracking Critical for Lead Generation Companies

Internet is an important tool for researching product information but when it comes to buying big-ticket items like cars and RVs, consumers still prefer phone calls! Studies on consumer behavior have revealed that consumers use online resources to explore various options and pricing, check inventories, access dealer information, and more. But once they have refined their search, consumers tend to pick up the phone for further inquiries.

How No Connection Call Reports Help Dealerships Save Profit

Callbutton screen shot No Connection Report

Callbutton Custom Report Series:  The No Connection Report

This series of articles is dedicated to hightlighitng the ease and use of Callbutton Custom Call Reports.  Callbutton specializes in automating any reporting process to eliminate our customer's need to manipulate Excel spreadsheets -- saving them time and money.  

How Call Tracking Can Help Marketers Spend Ad Dollars Wisely

Call Tracking Increases Marketing ROI

You have a product or service you want to sell. The hard part is done. Now how do you get the word out?  Advertising is the obvious answer? Not really! What kind of advertising is the million dollar question? Internet, billboard, classifieds, TV, radio, bus boards, or newspapers are all viable, but which one will work best for your business?

How To Keep The Cost Of Acquiring A Toll Free Number Under Check?

Shared Toll-free number to increase marketing ROI

We have continually emphasized on the use of call tracking in conjunction with a toll-free number - a powerful tool to increase your marketing ROI and operational efficiency. As mentioned an earlier blog, choosing the right toll-free number requires considerable thought (refer: Choosing the Right Toll Free Phone Number for your Campaign). Similarly, acquiring a toll-free number requires considerable planning to keep the spiraling costs under check.

Choosing the Right Toll Free Phone Number for your Campaign

True 800s: Two-Pronged Approach

True 800s or 855-, 877-, 888- ?

Using Transcriptions to Enter Phone Leads Into Your CRM System

Lead Management System Image resized 600

Lead fulfillment is the most crucial part of a CRM system. All the benefits of a well-used CRM system start with prompt and accurate lead fulfillment. Simply put: get all your leads into your CRM system. This provides you with a great opportunity to engage your customers and close.

Call Transcription Helps Increase Productivity

Utilizing Call Transcription - by Humans or Voice Recognition Software - Helps Increase Productivity

“We record, literally, billions of calls every day. We know by user law that our clients are not going to listen to all the call recordings. Of all the calls that get recorded only 2% are listened to.  That’s when people use call recording for call transcription purposes,” says Michael Markette, President and Chief Technology Officer, Callbutton.

How to Determine Who is Dialing Your Toll Free Numbers

automated outbound dialing is annoying

Recently a client of ours that has about 1,000 nearly sequential toll free numbers felt they were being attacked by a Houston phone bank. Our Call Data Report (CDR) confirmed that an unscrupulous dialer had indeed dialed all of our clients numbers in order over a 2 day time span. You could see the dials in order, e.g. 888-555-2001, 888-555-2002, 888-555-2003 even though we had some numbers on different RespOrgs and running traffic through different carriers. It was no surprise that the ANIs (caller’s number as it appears on the caller ID) was not in service. There was a substantial number of calls and hence fees so naturally the client wanted to know “Who is dialing my toll free numbers?”
The short answer is we do not know.  Maybe they're just trying to see which phone numbers connect and which ones don't in an attempt to see what numbers to call in a robo-call campaign.  In an election year such as this, robo-call campaigns run rampant with political messages.  It's free for the campaigner and only ridiculously annoying to 99% of the people on the other end of the toll free phone number.  I guess that 1% could be the vote needed to push an election in a different direction.
We believe that some national toll free registry listing companies dial toll free numbers to see which numbers are in service and who as the end business are using them. To test this theory, we setup some auto attendants that state the name of a fictitious business and offer phone tree routing that doesn’t go anywhere. The goal is to find this fictitious business name and number on Google in the future. We hope to have some insight late 2012.  

What can a business do about it? Not much I am afraid. We do have the ability to block numbers based on ANI, but it is a game like whack-a-mole. As soon as you block one ANI, they are calling from another. And so on. If it becomes bad enough, the carriers can take some action, but the unscrupulous dialers seem to keep the intensity and frequency of their attacks down to the annoying level.  Depending on th the results of our auto-attendant test, perhaps we'll have the solution to this problem soon.

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